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Salem Fitness Yoga Classes in Salem, MA

Gentle yoga exercises are gentle on your bones and muscles and offer many benefits you may not expect from this low-intensity workout. All populations can benefit from gentle yoga, it is not limited by age, gender, or ability.

At the yoga classes in Salem, MA all types of people attend, from athletes to novices. Gentle yoga poses offer a slow and relaxing practice which is a great counter exercise to those more vigorous, fast-paced routines.Gentle yoga is a safe and effective way to exercise, relax, and build strength and flexibility.

Practicing yoga is recommended for people who are stiff, tight, and out-of-shape and for those who perform regular rigorous, impactful exercise. Gentle yoga poses take a slower approach that focuses on making it easier to get into postures. They also help people who have sustained injury or are recovering. The breathing techniques in gentle yoga help combat stress and anxiety. To find out more about the other benefits of yoga, contact Salem Fitness Center.