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Gentle Yoga Exercises Help Reduce Stress Hormones - Salem, MA

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23 February 2016 Bookmark and Share

Gentle yoga exercises are frequently recommended to help reduce stress hormones. These type of exercises increases the “feel-good” hormones or endorphins in your brain which makes practicing yoga regularly an excellent way to get in shape and to boost your mood. In fact, joining gentle yoga classes can often work better in reducing stress compared to other traditional exercises.

Often, performing more traditional workout routines that are high intensity and fast-paced can be counterproductive. This is where yoga comes in. When practicing yoga, you do not need to pound it out with frenzied sun salutations and fast-paced warrior poses just to gain the benefits. You can perform gentle yoga poses in perfect form regularly. As you execute them, your body becomes more fuel-efficient in terms of burning off the food you eat.

The gentle yoga classes in Salem, MA provide you with a perfect place to heal the effects of stress. In addition to the aesthetic benefits of gentle yoga, it also has remarkable abilities to heal the effects of stress by stretching your muscles. These and other benefits of yoga do not always require a 90-minute class. Even as little as 35 minutes per yoga class is enough.

If you still want to go the high intensity and fast-paced exercise route, you can. Complement your exercise with some yoga poses. For more details, contact Salem Fitness Center.

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