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Getting Started With Gentle Yoga

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23 August 2019 Bookmark and Share

Salem Fitness Gentle Yoga's Staff Pose in Salem, MAWhen you are a brand new to Gentle Yoga, you are likely to have a lot of questions. What you are getting into, including what to wear, what to bring to class, and how to prepare yourself. Knowing what is expected and what works ahead of time, will help you feel more comfortable during your first class. Yoga is intended for all ages, genders, bodies, experience levels and backgrounds.

In preparing for your Gentle Yoga Class, the only thing you need to bring with you for your first class is a positive attitude and an open mind. Of course, there are lots of fun accessories you will add to your yoga arsenal over time. But it is better to start small and keep things simple. There is no better way to learn than by doing. You are learning new physical postures, hearing new terminology, and you are immersed in a new environment. The most important thing is keep breathing and stay focused on yourself rather than those around you.

Everything will become easier with time, so do your best and keep these tips in mind:

  1. Come well-hydrated and avoid caffeinated products (including green and black teas) a few hours prior to a hot class. Caffeine dehydrates the body and can increase heart-rate.
  2. Eat a light snack/meal 1–2 hours before a hot class. Think light!
  3. Eating snacks or meals before a non-heated class depends on each student. Some prefer to have an empty stomach, while others may want a snack prior to class.
  4. Bring a yoga mat. For hot yoga, bring a towel large enough to cover your mat.
  5. You may want to bring an additional towel for showering or to dry off with after class.
  6. Bring at least one large bottle of water.
  7. Wear clothing that is comfortable to move, stretch, and sweat in. Materials that breathe and wick away moisture are most suitable.
  8. For hot yoga, please bring a change of clothes for after class. You will be sweaty and wet!
  9. Shoes and socks are not worn in class. (You may wear socks, but please be aware that you may slip and slide.)
  10. Please get to class a little early or 5 minutes prior to help yourself adjust to the environment. Please respect the other students and teacher in the class by being on time.
  11. Change rooms with showers are available for both women and men. All change rooms have secure lockers and storage areas for your use.

In Gentle Yoga, common sense and common courtesy are the cornerstones of good etiquette in any situation. Adding a healthy dose of respect for the people and places around you and a smidge of kindness and viola you are in. Open yourself to the ways that life flows in and through you. With regular Gentle Yoga Practice in Salem, MA, this “meditation in motion” will change your body, your mind and your life.

The beauty of Yoga is that it requires very little other than your own body. Preparation is simple but allow yourself to be empowered from the inside by this peaceful, healing energy that enlivens you. Move away from self-limiting beliefs and embrace every possibility!

No matter what you do, do it with attention, and intention. Be the love and light for all around you. This is love, this is Yoga. Namaste!

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