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and now operating at 46 Tioga Way

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Boxing, Group Exercise in Marblehead, MA

Basic 1, 2 Boxing Techniques

Certified through World Instructors Training School. 1 on 1 training available. Working with small groups on true boxing techniques incorporated into a full body workout.

I will help you transform your body through a comprehensive program consisting of balance exercises, speed, and endurance training and weight lifting. If I can do it, anyone can!

Develop more self-confidence and body awareness with my program.

Basic 1: Basics, effectiveness of different type jabs and the right cross. Course will encompass stance, footwork, balance as well as body movement and mechanics, Simple warm ups at the beginning of class and boxing-related exercises at the end of the session.

Progressive training from making a fist, bone structure, stance, hands-up guard, and throwing jab, step jab, forward shuffle, 1,2 slip & back off, bob & weave and side step, two-step shuffle and using heavy bag, right guard and catch jab, and parry.

2nd course involves eight weeks of developing/using different punches, left & right uppercuts, various defense movements and working with the heavy bags.

3rd course continues the basic foundation of progressive learning.

Each course is an eight week progressive program and class size is limited for maximum personal attention and training achievement.

Please Contact the club to see when new sessions will start. The classes advance skill wise so they are not repetitious. So we offer different levels of classes. These classes area not for free.