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and now operating at 46 Tioga Way

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Group Exercise in District Fitness - Marblehead, MA

Cardio Kick Boxing — This phenomenal class combines aerobic kickboxing, self-defense, and boxing all done to today's hottest music.

Cross Training — This is a multi-impact cardio & weight workout that will utilize every muscle of your body.

Dance Fusion — This class combines a variety of dance moves to increase the heart rate.

Muscard Madness — ½ all over body toning and ½ heart pumping cardio all to motivational music.

Muscle Conditioning — A sculpting class that utilizes a variety of strength training accessories such as hand weights, body bars, and the latest muscle conditioning equipment all within our Group Exercise Studio.

Pilates — A full body workout that builds muscles without bulk through a series of controlled and precise movements. The exercises, which focus on proper alignment, improve flexibility and strength to the abdominal and back muscles.

Spinning — A group fitness activity in which each person rides a specially designed stationary bike to music.

TABATA — Action packed workout 20 sec of work 10 sec of rest. This class is sure to torch the fat right off your body.

Yoga — A system of exercises to promote control of the body and mind. This class develops flexibility, strength and endurance through practice of postures and breathing.

ZUMBA — An amazing cardio class based on Latin American Dancing.