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and now operating at 46 Tioga Way

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NEW YOGA CLASS, Gentle Yoga Starting Wednesday Evening, September 16

Join District Fitness for an energizing yet relaxing evening yoga practice. Learn how to harness control of your breath to induce the relaxation response: minimize effects of stress, feel grounded and energized and increase mental clarity, insight and awareness. 

Restore connective tissue through a gentle practice of Yin Yoga (passive) benefitting the mind and bringing nourishment through circulation and beneficial stretching to your tendons, ligaments and fascia safely. Just be and let go, embody your breath.

Follow up with a Yang Yoga (active) yet gentle practice to strengthen and lengthen your muscles making you more flexible. Develop important balancing skills by practicing safely to ensure a better quality of life now and in the future (we lose our sense of balance dramatically as we mature mostly due to underuse and muscle weakness and no, it's never to late to improve).

We will end in Savasana (lying down on our backs comfortably) where you will soak in and reap all the benefits of your practice: mind, body and soul.

Make time for your 'self ' and come play, Wednesday nights, 6:30!