Formerly known as Salem Fitness Center
and now operating at 46 Tioga Way

Call or Text (781) 347-8944

46 Tioga Way,
Marblehead MA 01945

Mind Body Room

Monday 6:00 p.m.

Prana Yoga (Cristina Karakoudas)
Breath your way to relaxing yoga flow movement using your prana energy.

Tuesday 10 a.m.

Yoga Flow (Marilyn Whalen)
Finding your own flow in this slow flow yoga

Thursday 10 am

Prana Yoga (Christina Karakoudas)
Moving and breathing in and out of postures with plenty of modifications. This class is for everyone interested in exploring the yoga practice.

Friday 8 a.m.

Pilates (Shannon Botte) ($)
Tone, lengthen and sculpt your way to a new body.