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Achieving Physical Fitness with Group Boxing Classes - Salem, MA

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19 May 2017 Bookmark and Share

Salem Fitness group exercise boxing drills in Salem, MAGroup fitness is typically described as exercise performed in a group led by an instructor. At Salem Fitness Center, there are many types of group exercise classes such as Cardio Kick Boxing, cross training, dance fusion, muscle conditioning, pilates, spinning, TABATA, Total Body Sculpt, and Yoga, and Zumba Toning. One of the most popular is group exercise boxing drills in Salem, MA. Aside from the physical fitness benefits, these drills also offer socializing in a fun and dynamic environment. Participants gets to meet fellow exercisers who share the same interest in boxing and in health. With that being said, you will be motivated and challenged with healthy competition during boxing workout classes.

This boxing training cardio workout is a comprehensive program that develops balance, speed, endurance training, and weight lifting. In this program clients are able to develop self-confidence and body awareness. Class size is also limited in order to make sure that the instructors keep a close eye on all participants and guide them with the best practices in boxing.

The boxing workouts classes are divided into three courses that are 8-week progressive programs. They usually start with the basics where the different types of jabs and the right cross is taught. This full-body workout is composed of stance, footwork, balance, body movement and mechanics. In addition, simple warm ups are done in the beginning of the class and boxing-related exercises are done at the end of the session. This progressive training also teaches how to make a fist safely, bone structure, stance, hands-up guard, and throwing jabs, and more. After that, the participants in boxing drills can advance to the next level or second course. It involves eight weeks of developing and using different punches, left and right uppercuts, various defense movements, and working with heavy bags. The third course continues the foundation of progressive learning.

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