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Age Appropriate Exercise Routines Like "Sweating to The Oldies" Are Great for Your Body - Salem, MA

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7 December 2016 Bookmark and Share

Salem Fitness Sweating to the Oldies in Salem, MA Just because you know you are getting older does not mean you need to stop enjoying or participating in a physical fitness program. No one should stop exercising, regardless of age. Actually, continuing a physical fitness program is one of the most effective ways to stay healthy, active, and happy as you age.

"Sweating to the Oldies" is an age appropriate exercise class. Older adults have different needs and often different physical limitations from younger exercisers. This physical fitness program for seniors has been strategically developed to address those needs. This group exercise class is low impact so that joints, muscles and bones are protected to limit injury and prevent pain. As a matter of fact, continuing to exercise will keep the pain and injury away while performing everyday activities as well because you body is conditioned, stronger, and more flexible.

A regular activity like a physical fitness program is very helpful because bones and muscles weaken as you age. Physical activities prevents this. "Sweating to the Oldies" slows or prevents muscle atrophy because different muscle groups are engaged regularly. The bones benefit as well because they will be better supported by the muscles for ease of movement and greater stability.

Sweating to the Oldies in Salem, MA is conducted by a certified personal trainer who will ensure that while you are challenged you are also safely performing each exercise. To find out more about physical fitness programs for the older adults, contact Salem Fitness Center.

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