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Boot Camp Classes Develop Physical Fitness and Team-Building - Salem, MA

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5 May 2017 Bookmark and Share

Salem Fitness boot camp classes in Salem, MAFitness boot camp is a type of group physical fitness program performed in or outdoors at a gym. A fitness boot camp is designed to promote strength and fitness by doing a set of intense group interval training during a one-hour period. It is called a “boot camp” simply because the training is intense and done in groups, like at a training camp. With that being said, the goal of the fitness boot camp is not only isolated to physical fitness. There are also benefits to be found in socializing and team-building skills through teamwork, cooperation and camaraderie.

These fitness boot camp classes are designed to push people to a new level and to challenge them a little further than they would normally go alone. Social support is provided and thus makes participants feel challenged and motivated. Since fitness boot camps are inspired by military training, they are usually conducted outdoors. But new trends have been adapted for indoor workout.

One example of a fitness boot camp done indoors is the fitness boot camp classes in Salem, MA. This six week special welcomes all people from different fitness backgrounds. Salem Fitness members are welcome to join at $50 only, and non-members can also join at only $60. With Jess Felton to lead this dynamic and stimulating boot camp, the group will perform high intensity aerobic and anaerobic exercises. Newbies, regular exercisers, and athletes are welcome to join this exciting boot camp.

To find out more about boot camp classes, contact Salem Fitness Center.

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