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Boxing Fitness – We Dare You

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29 November 2019 Bookmark and Share

Salem Fitness Women’s Boxing Training in Salem, MABoxing fitness is taking Salem by storm because it is an exhilarating workout with remarkable positive effect on both the body and the mind. We’re finding that some of you out there want to give it a go but are somewhat intimidated and today we want to put you mind at ease. Quite simply, our boxing classes focus on weight loss, cardiovascular endurance, and improved confidence.

There’s no getting hit in the face or midsection here but we will teach you how to punch and kick. It is a remarkable way of releasing stress while simultaneously working all muscle groups. Our boxing fitness participants talk about walking taller and more confident as the fitness program introduces new levels of self-confidence by way of increased strength and ability to defend oneself.

We’d love for you to come by and speak to some of our boxing fitness enthusiasts and hear for yourself the excitement that these people have for their chosen exercise routine. Contact Salem Fitness Center to get started.

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