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Boxing Training Cardio Workouts are Great for Women and Men

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23 February 2018 Bookmark and Share

Salem Fitness Group exercise boxing drills in Salem, MAMore and more women are starting to get their gloves on for group exercise boxing drills in Salem, MA. Boxing for women is becoming more popular because of the many benefits it offers. It is a fascinating way to sculpt and tone muscles and it is more satisfying as you become stronger while doing it. Whether you’re punching a bag or skipping rope, women should try boxing training cardio workouts.

On top of toning muscles, boxing training cardio workouts keeps your heart strong and healthy. This workout increases the rate at which your heart pumps blood throughout the body. Increased heart beats strengthens your heart muscles and reduces the chances of developing cardiovascular complications like heart attack and stroke. Additionally, boxing relieves physical and mental stress by increasing the production of endorphins which is your body’s feel-good chemicals. In effect, it gives your mood a natural boost. Since boxing is a high intensity workout, it burns a lot of fats and calories. An hour of boxing can burn 350-500 calories depending on your weight and the intensity of the workout.

Joining boxing workouts class can tone your arms, legs, chest, shoulders and back and can even help you build a strong core. It is a whole body workout that involves every muscle in the body. Boxing is an excellent exercise for strength training to build up speed, power, and endurance and to keep your body in optimum health.

To find out more about group exercise boxing drills, contact Salem Fitness Center.

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