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Boxing Training Cardio Workouts for Self-Confidence and Self-Defense - Salem, MA

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9 May 2016 Bookmark and Share

Boxing workout class is done in a group setting and enjoyed by both men and women. The attention and assistance you are given throughout the class is enhanced because of the small group setting.

Group exercise boxing drills in Salem, MA incorporate true boxing techniques into a full body workout. This comprehensive training program is developed so that even a beginner can have fun while burning calories and building muscles. The program is progressive so you will learn boxing techniques, mastering each before moving onto the next technique. You are taught how to make a fist properly, hands-up guard, step jab, forward shuffle, and more. You are also taught how to use a heavy bag effectively to achieve faster and better fitness results.

The boxing training cardio workouts allow you to develop self-confidence and self-defense at the same time. As you trim down and get in shape, you will also learn how to protect yourself against potential threats because you can master powerful punches.

To find out more about boxing training cardio workouts, contact Salem Fitness Center.

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