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Boxing Workout For A Leaner, Sexier You!

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23 May 2019 Bookmark and Share

Salem Fitness Boxing training cardio workouts in Salem, MAIn spite of the increasing popularity of boxing fitness, many women are still reluctant to pursue boxing training as a fitness regimen. The idea of punching and sparring with co-participant seems to intimidate some. Common concerns with many women include a fear of developing bulging muscles and bulky arms. But these are senseless fears. As a matter of fact, this workout can sculpt your entire body to a leaner, more sexier figure.

Boxing is a high repetitive workout, which means it tends to tone instead of build muscle. The workout is 80% aerobic and 20% anaerobic. This means the workout concentrates in raising your heart rate and burning fats rather than increasing your muscle mass. Not only this workout can torch significant amount of calories in just one session it could also burn up visceral fats which is the most stubborn fat tissue around your tummy. If you do it regularly, you will definitely get a flatter stomach. The 20% aerobic though is a good amount of exercise to improve your endurance, metabolism and ability to counter fatigue.

Our boxing training workouts here in Salem, MA involve repetitive motions as you execute various forms of movement. This will strengthen up your body and provides more power especially to your arms, legs and core areas. You will likely achieve a body with a more toned arms, chest, shoulders, legs and back after several sessions. So this workout pretty much sums up everything a woman might need to achieve her desired form.

For more information about the benefits of boxing for women, contact Salem Fitness Center.

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