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Gentle Yoga Exercises Help Prepare Athletes’ Mind and Body Before Competition - Salem, MA

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22 November 2016 Bookmark and Share

Salem Fitness gentle yoga exercises in Salem, MAGentle yoga exercises can be done by people of all walks of life. Actually, these low intensity exercises are also beneficial to those who do hardcore activities such as athletes who play to win and also perform high intensity workouts to prepare for competition.

Practicing yoga is the perfect complement to a current high intensity fitness routine. For competitive or intense swimming, CrossFit, kickboxing, INSANITY workout, or other high intensity training (HIT), adding yoga is effective to the training program. Inserting gentle yoga into your schedule can do wonders. It even helps you maximize your full-body workout program and keep you limber and flexible for those HIT exercise routines. Consider adding a practice of gentle yoga in order to stay active without the intensity.

Gentle yoga classes in Salem, MA allow you to perform yoga poses and breathing techniques that help you stretch and flex to relax your body, including strained muscles and joints. Relaxation also extends to the mind because gentle yoga helps you relieve stress and anxiety that cloud your focus and hinder you from thinking effective strategies during the game. When you compete, both your mind and body will be ready guaranteeing success.

To find out more about other benefits of practicing gentle yoga, contact Salem Fitness Center.

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