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Gentle Yoga for Those Long Away From the Gym

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20 October 2017 Bookmark and Share

Salem Fitness Yoga classes in Salem, MAThere are a number of special category “athletes” that should be attracted to gentle yoga exercises. Those athletes range from children to our most seasoned senior citizens. Whether eight or 80, you can be a gentle yoga athlete.

Our gentle yoga exercises in Salem, MA offer a slow and relaxing athletic experience. For some this exercise defines a full and complete mental and physical experience. For others, gentle yoga is considered an exceptional “recovery” athletic experience. Two totally different participants, but both with the exact same result: positive therapy for the mind and body. Never, ever consider yourself too stiff or out of shape to return to physical exercise. Engaging in gentle yoga is perfect for those people who seek a slow and steady return to physical health. Gentle yoga incorporates conservative breathing techniques that are easily adopted by the widest range of participants.

Because gentle yoga incorporates slow movements with focus on proper posture, many people turn to this fitness option as part of injury and/or surgery recovery therapy. Armature and professional athletes alike enjoy our gentle yoga classes in Salem, MA regularly.

To find out more about other unexpected benefits of regularly going to gentle yoga classes, contact us at Salem Fitness Center.

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