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Group Boxing Workouts—What a Knockout

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29 March 2019 Bookmark and Share

Salem Fitness Self-Defense Class in Salem, MAThe landscape of boxing-related fitness training is changing dramatically. Once a male-dominated sport in both boxing domains (fighting vs fitness training), that landscape is rapidly changing. Women are entering the boxing training arena at over twice the rate of males. And it makes perfect sense. Not only are boxing-themed workouts extraordinarily fruitful from both the strength and cardio perspectives, the training delivers the rewards of extreme mental confidence and an huge step forward in the athletes ability to self-defend themselves. If nothing else, stop by and peer into our group exercise boxing drills in Salem, MA and you’ll see focused intensity on the faces of all involved.

Enrolling in boxing workouts class is a practical decision for women and men alike. This is a great way to get a safe and effective workout that is different from the usual (and comparatively low-intensity) exercise routines. This class combines boxing with fun and fitness. No wonder why this alternative has grown increasingly popular these days, especially for women who want to achieve that knock out body they have been dreaming to have.

The boxing training cardio workouts are a newer and more holistic approach to fitness. Because of these boxercise routines, group exercise classes are given new twist that both the novice and the pro will surely be engaged in and gain astonishing results from. The boxercise routines are done in rounds. People who enrolled in these classes will be working hard for a period of time and then take only short breaks in between so their metabolic rate speeds up to a certain level that will let their body continue to burn calories even after the workout session. That being said, faster and better fitness results are guaranteed. These include losing weight, toning muscles, gaining physical strength, improving cardiovascular endurance, and keeping the mind sharp.

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