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Salem Fitness Center Now Offers a FREE 3-Day Pass

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27 July 2018 Bookmark and Share

Salem Fitness - Sweating to the Oldies in Salem, MAJoining a fitness club is not limited to the young. Our fitness club here in Salem, MA encourages senior Salem residents to join the team. Physical fitness keep a person's body and mind strong, especially during senior years. It also keeps the mind active and delays mental decline.

Salem Fitness - Sweating to the Oldies in Salem, MA Having a comfortable place where you can freely exercise for your daily workout is essential. It's also important that your chosen fitness center has all the state-of-the-art gym equipment and amenities that you need. So before you enroll in a health club, you need to give it a try first.

Here is great news for those who are interested in signing up for a gym membership. Salem Fitness Center is inviting yoou to try a FREE 3-Day Gym Pass. Get a feel for the complete fitness experience we offer before you join. This trial membership is a great opportunity to try out classes, experience the feel of the environment, and get comfortable with the flow of the gym. For 3 days you can have full-access to the facility.

What are you waiting for? Don't miss this great promotion. Request a 3-day pass by filling out the free-gym-pass form . Then, stop by the front desk and activate your 3-day pass right away. Contact Salem Fitness Center for further details.

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