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11 January 2016 Bookmark and Share

Sweating to the Oldies
Sweating to the Oldies in Salem, MA helps keep older adults fit and healthy as they age. In this group exercise class, learn and master how to perform the dance exercise routines which have been strategically developed for aging joints. The moves are easy yet effective so you can safely and correctly exercise without pain or the potential of injury. Sweating to the Oldies is a group exercise class that helps seniors stay healthy and achieve a fit and healthy body, despite age.

Safety guidelines are followed in physical fitness programs for the seniors in Salem, MA. Gentle movements that maintain a good upright posture during the exercises, always breathing while exercising, breathing with the movements, and maintaining a consistent slow to moderate pace are just a few of the safely guidelines that are taught and followed when performing the dance exercise routines.

It is important for seniors to exercise at the right speed and intensity in group exercise routines. With Sweating to the Oldies you will find an physical fitness program that is perfect for seniors of many different fitness levels. This is a group exercise class that is fun, motivating, and beneficial when done regularly.

To find out more about fitness programs for the seniors, contact Salem Fitness Center.

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