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Why Seniors Must Have A Daily Fitness Regimen

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12 July 2019 Bookmark and Share

Salem Fitness - Sweating to the Oldies in Salem, MAIf you question the need to work out because you think your too old for it, you should rethink that conclusion. Older adults must stay physically active for a host of reasons to include (but not limited to) balance, to prevent mental decline, muscle maintenance, and other ailments that result from a sedentary lifestyle. Here are five specific reasons why daily fitness directly benefits senior adults:

  • Boosts Cardiovascular Health - Working out can help improve blood pressure to hypertensive people
  • Relieves Arthritis - It help enhances bone joint function and reduces bone pain
  • Improves Strength and Balance - Inactivity is in fact the culprit behind weakness and loss of balance. Working out can help restore strength and equilibrium.
  • Keeps Independence - With an improved overall health, older adults can manage to do things on their own with lesser help.
  • Boosts Mental Functioning - Exercise promotes normal brain functioning. This helps delay mental decline or prevents developing dementia.

At least 20-30 minutes moderate aerobic activity daily is recommended to senior adults to keep them physically and mentally active.

For seniors who want to develop a fitness regimen, contact Salem Fitness Center. We can provide you safe workouts that you can perform daily.

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