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Benefits of Gentle Yoga for Pregnant Women

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16 May 2019 Bookmark and Share

Salem Fitness Yoga Class in Salem, MAAlthough it seems hard to exercise during pregnancy, expecting women are served well to continue exercising throughout the pregnancy. Gentle Yoga is one ideal workout for them that is proven safe. Also, this workout can teach breathing techniques that is helpful during labor.

Gentle Yoga Workouts are also a potential alternative for pain medications. Pregnant women usually experience tightness and discomfort in their hips and lower back. Certain pain medications are discouraged during pregnancy for it can have an effect to the developing fetus. Gentle yoga poses like Low Lunge can be done with the back knee up or down. It's a great stretching exercise for the front of the hips while maintaining a strong and stable foundation. Cat and Cow is also another pose with some gentle pelvic rocks. It is great workout for relieving lower back pain and stretching the spine.

When picking up a gentle yoga exercise routine, it is important to have a yoga teacher that specializes in pregnant women. Your yoga teacher will teach you the proper maneuver so you can execute the forms safely. When practicing yoga as a pregnant, you and your child's safety is your primary consideration. It is important to take it easy and don't push yourself too much for you may injure yourself. Fitness is a priority but safety must be on the top of your list.

If you are interested of picking up this exercise, contact Salem Fitness Center.

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