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Gentle Yoga Promotes Mindful Eating While Helping You Lose Weight

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11 January 2019 Bookmark and Share

Salem Fitness yoga classes in Salem, MAThere are many benefits to gentle yoga for weight loss being added to a regular work out routine. Although, it burns less calories compared to other type of exercise, it is a great exercise for adding balance, flexibility, and strength. Additionally, it offers a complement of other health benefits that improve quality of life, ability to better accomplish daily tasks, and overall wellness.

In addition to the benefits of the yoga poses, gentle yoga class will also teach breathing techniques leading to stress relief. Mindful breathing promotes mental health and helps the body and mind relax. The breathing will also improve your ability to concentrate as you perform meditation. Doing yoga regularly also helps you become more aware of your food choices as you learn to decrease stress which eliminates emotional food cravings.

Joining a gentle yoga classes in Salem, MA is also great way to release stress while you exercise. To find out more information about the benefits of gentle yoga, contact Salem Fitness Center.

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