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Pilates Workouts Increase Your Muscle Strength and Tone Your Core

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1 April 2019 Bookmark and Share

Summer arrives soon. Tank tops, shorts, dresses, and swimsuits are the clothing staples so if you’re not where you want to be physically then it’s never too late to get things going. We understand that with the damages of living an unhealthy lifestyle, difficulties of changing entrenched habits, and the stresses of our daily lives, getting leaner and fitter isn’t always a smooth process. But you need to know that the real hard part of fitness is getting things started because once your into it, it no longer seems like work, rather it is nothing but rewarding relief. If you want to have a leaner and fitter body, consider Pilates workouts. This amazing workout can help you shed the fat, leave the lean muscles and increase muscle strength.

Pilates classes in Salem, MA focuses on core strength and trains the body as an integrated whole. Your muscles are not worked to exhaustion, so there’s no straining just intense concentration. A variety of exercise sequences are performed allowing you to increase muscle strength and tone particularly your abdominal muscles, lower back, hips and buttocks. By performing through a slow, sustained series of exercises, Pilates requires concentration, focus, abdominal control and proper breathing. Therefore, the quality of each posture is more significant than the number of repetitions you make. This is to condition the deeper, supporting muscles of your body.

Although Pilates is a low-impact form of exercise, if you practice Pilates exercises regularly then it will change your whole body. It can help you create long, lean and strong muscles without bulk. Start making changes today so you can be more confident when swimsuit season arrives. To learn more about this energizing workout, contact Salem Fitness Center.

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